Social Growth Lab

We support businesses through business model innovation, business development, digital skills improvement and growth marketing with focus on creating positive social and environmental impact.

Whether you have a growing SME, charity, social enterprise or you’re just in the process of starting your own business we can help you understand the impact your organisation can have.

The earlier you engage with us the sooner we will be able to adapt your business model to generate social growth. Identifying business opportunities with a successful sustainable twist is our expertise. We understand that your business needs to be successful in order to achieve this goal and that is where we stand apart from other consultancies in our field.

What we deliver

Business strategy and innovation consultancy

Our main role is to help you grow your business. We do this by analysing your business and the industry you are operating in. We also identify potential societal and environmental opportunities you could tap into with your product/service. In doing so we seek out successful collaborations that can transform your brand into a forward thinking sustainable organisation. We help shape a customer-focused approach that minimises the resources needed to innovate.

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Marketing, research and digital skills development

We have a team capable to create bespoke brand, marketing and communication strategies. Our approach is to help you gain the digital skills you need so that you don’t need us. Also as a customer-led organisation ourselves we are capable to design market research to help you better understand your audience and create unique brand customer experiences.

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Social Responsibility as an innovation driver

Our team uses social responsibility as a strategic innovation driver. We can help you identify potential opportunities for your business to perform better but also create impact. Transforming your CSR programme to be future-proofed and successfully aligned with strategy and operations is often the missing link for an organisation to thrive.

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Stakeholders Analysis and Impact Reporting

Understand the dynamics of your business audience so that you can improve your marketing, corporate and client relations and risk management policies. Communicate your achievements and success in a way that increases confidence and fosters more growth. Whatever your analysis and reporting needs, we have got you covered.

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