Social Growth Events

A platform where people, businesses and ideas come together to rethink and build a world where positive impact is at the heart of everything we do.

Social Growth Events is where we bring a community of social impact enthusiasts together. This is your chance to network and grow your brand awareness either by networking in our award winning events or leading an event with our support. Present your business and how it makes a difference or share your brand focus, culture, and values. We can help you nail down these as well if needed.

You can chose how to use our group in the way you wish. From brainstorming a problem you are facing, to getting feedback for a new service/product you wish to launch.

What we deliver

Workshop Ideation Facilitation

Ideation workshops is a unique way to achieve a number of outcomes.

Are you stuck and wish to get fresh out-of-the-box ideas for your project or business? Do you want to get feedback for a product you launched? Do you want customer focused design-led solutions?

Are you interested in public consultation? Do you wish to engage with the local community to better understand problems that could become potential opportunities for your organisation?

If any of the above sound like concerns you have been struggling with, a Social Growth workshop is the way to get all the answers you need and even some you may not have expected.

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Social Innovation hackathons

Similar to the ideation workshops but with a longer duration an innovation hackathon is an excellent way to achieve a number of outcomes. Identify new out-of-the-box ideas, accelerate skill learning, team building, and in doing so better understand your business critical success factors.

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Event sponsorships

We run our own events. If you are looking to engage with our audience and wish to lead/participate in one of our events we have several sponsorship packages to select from. We work with you to create the event that would benefit you most.

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Keynote speaking

If you are looking for a speaker in the fields of social entrepreneurship, social responsibility, innovation, business strategy, marketing and/or growth, we can help. Send us a message.

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