Purpose-led Profits

An innovation agency blending strategy, market insights and impact to deliver solutions for your biggest challenges

Our service is designed around your needs and challenges

We don’t believe in one size fits all

We work with corporates and startups that wish to future-proof their business. Our services range from one to one coaching for your senior team to delivering team workshops, designing your strategy, innovating your business operations and processes.

How things look after you have worked with us

  • Clear vision and direction of where the business is heading and why
  • A built-in repeatable and measurable innovation culture
  • In-depth understanding of your industry trends
  • Improved employee performance and an active feedback procedure to make sure you have the best possible work environment
  • Having an empowering employee culture to attract and retain top talent.
  • Having an improved customer experience that will transform your customers into brand advocates

Our Values

  • Honest
  • Ethical
  • Transparent
  • Inclusive
  • Responsible

We only work with those organisations that align with our values and wish to build a better world.

We perceive profits as one of the outcomes of our service not the purpose of it.

We are dedicated to generating impact-driven innovation with clear ROI.


“The SocialGrowth team (mainly George, CEO) has been acting as my trusted advisor for building out the CSR team at the company I work at: Avecto (an endpoint security software vendor). Tapping into George’s experience and having his guidance for steering Avecto CSR strategy in a new direction, has been invaluable. At Avecto, we had the ambition to move our CSR activity away from just fundraising – to looking at smarter ways for giving back, and George has helped facilitate this change in a big way. He has challenged us to think about how we can use our skills and technology at Avecto to create good in our local and global society; to make the maximum impact.

If you want to innovate your company CSR strategy I would recommend to speak with George. I’m confident his business and marketing knowledge, CSR understanding and innovative thinking, will prove to be very beneficial for almost any type and size of organisation, especially if you are a technology business. I am very excited to continue working with George whilst we develop our projects.”

~ Customer Success Manager at Avecto ~

George (SocialGrowth CEO) was, and continues to be as much of an adviser to me as he is to the product and the team that builds it. As for how I fill the CEO shoes, I believe that I would not be doing this as well without George’s broad and also very specific advice.

As for the project, George:

Utilized his work and academic expereinces to focus our data representations, giving our designers direction that we continue to use in shaping the website and web browser integrations.

Helped our CTO in the areas of our greatest weaknesses: new user onboarding process, customer conversion and customer experience.

Worked with the CTO and myself on innovating the business model and customer segmentation.

~ CEO at RiteTag ~

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